Sponsor a Cheetah


CCF cares for orphaned, old, or injured cheetahs that cannot be released back into the wild as they do not have the skills or physical capability to survive. Although CCF is not a rescue shelter, it does accommodate these non-releasable cheetahs. If another approved home becomes available, CCF relocates these cheetahs to an alternate captive facility. However, many of these cheetahs are permanent residents of CCF.

By sponsoring a non-releasable cheetah, you can help cover part or all of the annual costs of caring for them. Each cheetah costs CCF an estimated $5,000 a year in care and includes food, veterinary care and pen maintenance.

When you sponsor a cheetah, You Receive:

  • Two e-mail updates on your sponsored cheetah. These updates are only sent by e-mail. Please be sure to include the e-mail address of the person who should receive these cheetah updates if other than yourself.
  • a personalized sponsorship certificate
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