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Disappearing Spots

Wonderful event with our supporters and friends at the Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ with Dr. Laurie Marker and Born to Explore Host Richard Wiese.

Disappearing Spots with Dr. Laurie Marker and Richard Wiese offered the opportunity to interact with two of the world’s most engaging conservationists while helping save the cheetah, which has sadly become Africa’s most endangered big cat. The evening also presented unique encounters with Ruckus, a canine ambassador from Catskill, New York, representing CCF’s Livestock Guarding Dog Program. Farmers in Namibia employ dogs like Ruckus to help guard livestock and keep predators at bay, reducing conflict, which is often lethal for cheetahs.

Cheetah Conservation Fund event at Liberty Park NJ

Dr. Laurie Marker with Richard Wiese and Paula Martin and Ruckus

Dr. Laurie Marker with Richard Wiese with Ruckus and his owner Ann Collins